Gizmofashion launches first-of-its-kind Evaluation Index for Smartphone Buyers

Gizmofashion, India’s leading e-commerce brand for 100% genuine and warranty backed electronic products and accessories today launched the Gizmofashion Smartphone Index, GFSI. It is the world’s first and only comprehensive smartphone rating system that helps a customer buy their next phone intelligently.

The rating system evaluates each smartphone available on across 50 key parameters that cover everything from display resolution to processor performance and even to the build quality of the phone. These parameters are categorized under 10 broad Measurement Categories. The rating is on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest. A higher rated phone is going to give the customer a better performance than a lower rated phone.

GFSI gives the customer a completely unbiased picture of how good a smartphone really is and cuts out all the marketing jargon. GFSI is designed for only one thing ‘helping the customer buy their new smartphone intelligently.’

On the recent launch of this smartphone rating platform, Divyan Gupta, Founder and CEO said, “GFSI has been launched in response to numerous customer demands around how to objectively assess a smartphone. With a multitude of smartphone models available in the market today, there is a lot of customer confusion and we were constantly being asked by customers to recommend them the phone that would give them the best value. That’s when we decided to create this rating system that automatically and objectively evaluates each and every smartphone available on Gizmofashion and assigns a rating to let customers understand how each phone measures against the other.

We have already been overwhelmed with the positive responses that we have got around this as customers have confirmed that GFSI is actually helping them make more informed decisions quickly on which smartphone to buy.”

A customer visiting any mobile phone on would see the GFSI score on the right hand side of the product page itself for quick and easy reference.

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2 thoughts on “Gizmofashion launches first-of-its-kind Evaluation Index for Smartphone Buyers

  1. Love the concept and execution – I’m a student of data sciences and its so heartening to see data sciences and data visualization being used in ecomm here.

    But more importantly, this is very helpful for someone like me who is not so tech savvy. A simple comparison and I can see which is a better phone.

  2. just saw this… kudos to Gizmofashion team! Very good and helpful tool… in my opinion its similar to the energy star ratings that we c on ACs and fridges these days..

    Good to see someone in indian ecommerce space doing more than just putting out products to sell. we need more such companies to help us – the consumers.

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