Display comparison, Maya vs iPhone 6s


Display comparison video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwstweiDqD8

It’s short video comparison of Bluboo Maya and iPhone 6S. The Maya uses 5.5”HD JDI display that features 94% color saturation and high contrast. On top of the display, there is a sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 with Anti-fingerprint coating providing comprehensive protection and smooth operation.

Compare to iPhone 6S, the overall color tone is more cold and realistic. Both phones produce rich colors and vivid images.

The $9.99 snapping up event will start at  6am (GMT+0), June 18th

The countdown has started:  http://promo.bluboo.com.cn/maya/


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3 thoughts on “Display comparison, Maya vs iPhone 6s

  1. friends i am waiting for Bluboo Maya, this is amazing phone that comes with decent specs and, according to Bluboo, brings high-quality Sony IMX sensor camera and price only at $69.99..Super..

  2. Me sorprende la calidad de pantalla que tiene ese bluboo maya , ademas de que hay ofertas de ese terminal por 9.99

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