Moonbow Helps Delhi-NCR Fight Indoor Pollution, Drops Prices to INR 8,490/-


To combat the massive threat of air pollution and smog in Delhi-NCR, HSIL Limited, the parent company of brand ‘Moonbow’ has announced a special limited offer on its air purifiers with a discount up to INR 7000/-.

The stylish and compact room air purifiers, priced at INR 36,990/-, INR 15,990/- and 12,990/- respectively, are categorized into premium, mass premium and VFM respectively. The entry level room air purifier priced at INR 12,990 is now available for INR 8,490/- and the mass premium model priced at INR 15,990/- is available for INR 13,499/-. The premium model with a PM 2.5 meter & air quality indicator priced at INR 36,990/- is now available for INR 29,990/-.

All Moonbow air purifier variants come with Puri 5 technology, which is a 5-stage filtration process that cleans air and kills almost every pollutant present in the surrounding area. They are powered by the highly-efficient True HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of microscopic particles bigger than 0.3 microns from the air passing through it bringing in freshness of pristine forest air into your home. Further, to capture gases and odors, activated Charcoal filter is used in conjunction.

Additionally, model AP-A8609UIA priced now at INR 29,990/- comes with an in-built PM 2.5 meter which gives real time information about the air quality in a particular room to track the air quality in the room.  The purifier is also equipped with refreshing energizers which release more than 8 millions/cc of negative ions helping remove pollen, bacteria, odours, and chemicals from the air. The purifiers clean the air in rooms of up to 300-500 sq.ft.

Speaking about the price drop, Mr. Rakesh Kaul, President, Consumer Products Business, HSIL Limited said, “Statistics from a published WHO reports state that 13 Indian cities are among the 20 most polluted cities globally. Adding to the long list of issues, air quality in North India, particularly Delhi-NCR, always takes a downward dive around this time of the year. The combined effect of stubble burning in farms across the region and moisture, makes the air unbreathable and toxic. Moonbow brand stands for healthy living and hence we are offering this special price to our consumers to have an opportunity to breathe fresh, pure air in homes and offices.”

HSIL Limited aims to capture 12-13% market share in next three years and be among the top 3 brands in this segment in India. The brand is investing heavily into expanding its distribution network, advertising, etc. The purifiers are available simultaneously on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM Mall and brick-n-mortar outlets like Reliance Digital, Metro Cash & Carry and select general trade outlets.

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