Use happn, an App where safety and security plays pivotal role

Intro: In the fast moving world of the present day it is getting increasingly difficult to meet that special someone. Before we know it the best years are gone and we find ourselves lonely and alone. Dating sites are a boon in this busy, modern day world. Millions of happy couples owe their state to these very sites. So, in spite of the critics who like to find fault, dating apps are here to stay, and to spread joy. A case in point is happn, a dating app with a heart!

happn can take credit for putting smiles on a number of faces along with stringent safety features for users. Although there is no concrete law in India regarding private data safety, as a French company happn not only complies with the French Information and Freedom Law relating to the Protection of Personal Data but also with the European Regulations in that field, applying those protection rules in every country in which they operate.Use happn and be safe.

The strength of happn relies on their unique product and features: the only dating app that allows you to find the people you’ve crossed paths with in real life, which they made possible through the unique combination of real-time and hyper-location.

The users’ privacy is extremely important to happn, which is why all users’ profiles have to be connected to a Facebook account before they can go live. Facebook is particularly vigilant in applying a strong policy to prevent fake profiles. After this first safe step, the app, also has a number of safety measures in place to allow users to quickly report any inappropriate behaviour and/or block others. Once blocked, the person will not be able to contact the user again. Happn users can also click on the ‘Report’ button, accessible within 1 second on any profile appearing on their timeline. The happn support team carefully and manually reviews every single report 7 days a week.

Although happn stores personal data, information appearing on personal profiles is limited to the person’s first name, age and gender. happn does not track their users’ movements and no one can locate any other user’s precise location through the app. Personal location remains completely invisible to others and one can only see the approximate – the minimum radius is limited to 250m – location where 2 people last passed one another is saved and displayed.

With apps such as happn, that happy ever after ending is round the corner. Literally!

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