Snapdeal’s mobile app gets an upgrade to offer a more personalized and enriching consumer experience


Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, has added new features on their Android app. The revamp has been done to add more personalized content and product recommendations; making the consumer’s experience faster and more relevant, in line with their past buying behavior and persona.

The additions have not just been given a more aesthetic and contemporary look to align with Snapdeal’s Unbox Zindagi branding, but also help aid the consumer journey by offering curated content in a swiftly consumable manner.

The upgrade adds significantly to the app’s user-friendliness in the following key ways:

  • Content on homepage is easily and quickly consumable in less than 60 seconds to help consumer make informed choices
  • Carefully curated products, primarily focusing on fashion & lifestyle, electronic gadgets and home & furnishing categories – customers get to discover interesting, unique products and shopping ideas
  • Personalization – Based on user’s past and current behavior, the machine learning algorithms identify user’s interests and intent, thereby recommending most relevant products and content.
  • Quick frequency of change – Curated content is refreshed frequently to ensure users find relevant information at all possible exploration touch points

Speaking on the development, Rajiv Mangla, Chief Technology Officer, Snapdeal stated, “Our endeavor at Snapdeal is to ensure that our users get the fastest, most reliable and relevant experience at all times. The app upgrades are an extension of that vision and we will continue to add more features to suit the on-the-go lifestyle of our customers.”

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