Happn gives you 10 Tips to Get A Date This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner.  And you can relate to the thought of “I still have to find my date” strikes you? Don’t worry we at Happn are all geared up to help you get a date on this Valentine’s Day by some tips on making your profile more interesting. Here’s a small checklist for you!

1)      Have an appealing profile picture

It’s needless to say in today’s world of ever-changing social media filters we surely cannot ignore the fact that profile pictures play a crucial part. The profile picture should be genuine and surely speak about your personality that will actually help you get closer to that someone special.

2)      Keep the Bio exciting but truthful

 The Bio section is as important as your profile picture. If say your profile picture is your boarding pass to getting your ideal partner, then your bio plays the role of a ticket in helping you get a date. Our research shows that the chances of your profile being taken seriously after crossing paths with someone you would like to date increases through these two sections being filled in appropriately.

3)      Set your Preferences aptly

The profiles of only those who fit your preferences (i.e. age and gender) appear on your timeline when you cross the paths. It means your profile meets their preferences as well.  Maximize your chances of finding that perfect person through setting this up on your profile.

4)      Sync your Instagram account

Syncing your Instagram account ensures that the person gets to know a bit more of what you are, adding up the chances of securing the right kind of date.

5)      Make the 1st move

We are in 2018 if you genuinely like the person make the 1st move. According to our stats, the chances of finding the desired date is much more when you take the 1stmove rather than waiting for someone to make it. On happn you can also “say hi” to the profile you are attracted by, it is a good way to break the ice.

6)       1st impression is usually the last

Once it’s a ‘Crush’ make sure you don’t share too much information in 1st go. Keep it simple, and also don’t be too pushy.

7)      Say it via voice message

Happn app has a feature of sending audio clips along with the usual messages you can send, these can record up to one minute. This gives users an original way of getting to know each other through more personal, instantaneous and meaningful exchanges.

8)      Share your interests

Get to know each other through the conversations in app. Talk more about your likes and dislikes. Be honest while conversing, being truthful will help you in the long run.

9)      Find each other in real life through See you there

Happn provides you with a unique feature which has the ability to let others know that you are up for sharing an activity in the next four hours. The Options in this feature include: Go for a walk, Catch a movie, Get a drink, Go for a run, Go for a walk, Grab a bite. If your date too is interested in this activity it’s a «Crush»: you will then be able to eventually meet to share the activity.

10)   Meet in person

Let alone joining each other for any activity, if you both come to a conclusion of taking it ahead, you should surely go ahead and meet in person. This will help you know each other in a better way. Take the initiative and plan a proper meet up convenient to each one of you.

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